Install the its_jupter sticker pack for Telegram! This is a set of 52 static stickers. Each of them has an analogue in the form of an emoji, with which you can express any emotions and feelings.

This stickerpack uses following emojis: ⏰, 🛢, 📕, 📍, 🖍, 🥀.

Stickers in the pack

asian, rongji bts, kim tae-hyun, taiheng bts black and white, seven deadly sins of bts
got7, bts boss, jackson van, kim soo-jin, winner kpop
qi ming, rush the country, park ji-min, bts jungkook, bts fan fiction t/and quanzhongguo school
qi ming, park ji-min, zheng zhongguo, jungkook bts, park zhiming's data
qi ming, jungi bts, park ji-min, jimin bts, chi minmei
chimina, rongji bts, jimin bts, bts jimin wallpaper, min yongi bts
qi ming, young man, park ji-min, da ming kai, alpha 9 art
yoongi bts, min yongi bts, korean actor, korean men's style, bts 2020 hairstyle
young man, winner kpop, the boy is very handsome, korean men's style, twitter 10_fooo_wim
cui, baekhyun exo, korean actor, handsome boy, korean men's style
asian, singer, boys, kpop trainee, korean actor
young man, seung hoon, king samuel, newkidd cover, korean actor
jin zhengyu, korean boy, korean drama, korean actor, korean men's style
qi ming, bulletproof youth corps, shujia rongji, jimin bts, yoongi bts
face, boys, people, korean actor, korean actor
kim tae-hyun, taehyung bts, baekhyun exo, byungbekhyun 2019, baekhyun exo white
jungkook bts, winner 2020 kpop, boys are more beautiful than flowers, jinjinyu winner publishing house, boys are more beautiful than flowers in tv series
bts jin, jin zhengyu, jimin bts, bts jungkook, winner jinwoo
actor, boys, korean actor, young actor, european actor
lee seung hoon, korean actor, handsome boy, korean men's style, gin bts curl
jin, minho, k pop, song minho, bts 2020 hosk
asian, qi ming, jimin bts, bts chimin, bangtan boys
v bts, young man, park chang-lie, jungkook bts, members of bts
chongguo hd, jungkook bts, bakhing is rare, bts chong guo group, bts world kim taehyung
jin, asian, jiang chengyun, korean men's style, winner jin wo mei hong
asian, jin bts winner, handsome boy, winner jin wo mei hong, choreographer jin woyong
qi ming, chi min 18, park ji-min, jimin bts, jimin 2018
asian, winner, minlian, kim hye-sook, drama life
rush the country, zheng zhongguo, bts jungkook, jimin supremacy, winner mino jinwoo
asian, short chain chlorinated paraffin, a pop singer, kim tae-hyun, taehyung bts
kim jin woo, winner kpop, korean actor, kim jin woo winner, ginu winner before surgery
asian, rush the country, zheng zhongguo, valentine's day chongukom, book by curiosidi hossok
people, black powder, winner kpop, winner ginoumino, karaoke video
black powder, winner kpop, winner ginoumino, li jinwo's blonde hair, winner jinwo garland
singer, winner, bts jin, korean actor, handsome boy
kim, minho, winner, song minho, jinwoo and seung hoon
jin, kim, minho, winwin, winner jinwo pink mane
qi ming, tai heng, rush the country, qimin bts, blind witness 1989
asian, singer, winner, xiumin exo, korean actor
kim, hoon, minho, jiang chengyun, seung hoon
winner, korean drama, korean actor, kang taixuan 2020, korean actress
born, activities, a list of friends, birthday, to celebrate the birthday
k pop, idol, winner kpop, perfect guy, bts character qi min
cui, park chang-lie, got7 yugyeom, korean men's style, jinwoo and seung hoon
kim, jiang chengyun, park chang-lie, korean actor, kim hyun-joon 2000
qi ming, taehyung, kim tae-hyun, baekhyun exo, han jisong i am who
kim, asian, winner, money neil, korean actress
bts yoongi, zheng zhongguo, mijevin 1993, jungkook 10000, korean actor
jin, young man, kim tae-hyun, taehyung bts, bts pastel qimin
asian, ta min, lu han, kang jun, exo lu han blonde hair
young man, male, people, lovely boys, handsome boy
bts jin, rongji bts, kim seokjin, jungkook bts, seungyoun wooseok
Tags: korean actor, asian, qi ming, korean men's style, winner kpop
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