Install the Amour sticker pack for Telegram! This is a set of 49 static stickers. Each of them has an analogue in the form of an emoji, with which you can express any emotions and feelings.

This stickerpack uses following emojis: 😍, ??.

Stickers in the pack

girl, leon lai ming, love radio, touching stand cries, cure with love reading
girl, profile, familial, sakindemseni, current moment
girl, be love, gentle, two people take a group photo
lovers, a loving couple, filariatology, magamera sabur, eileen seveshganral
love, status, best love song, by your side sade love songs
each other, love you, love couple, love between lovers, a beautiful couple
liu bofu, girl, romantic, young man young man, hitchcock seveshganlal
good morning young man, good morning dear, good morning dear, good morning dear, good morning dear girl
a driver, cat baru love song, the guy with the beard is driving, a man with a beard while driving, jah khalib's favorite ft cat balu
love, status, best love song, by your side sade love songs
love, be love, love is, couple photo
people, kiss the forehead, a loving couple, a pair of kisses, a tender kiss
love, wattpad, a couple by the window, i love you, a passionate couple
girl, kiss, wattpad, lovely couple, love quotations
girl, lovely couple, the girl under his command, hug a blonde, blonde hugs boyfriend
girl, lovely couple, harry styles, couple photo, cute photos of girls boyfriends
love, people, the perception of love, a man in love, maximum travel pl
face, friend, people, rybaldin, photographer
two, existir, male, similarity, nos tendres ann é es helene listen
girl, people, lovely girl, photography of lovers, pair photograph
lovely couple, lovers affection, love couple, a happy couple, rodriguez ariel clipa
coffee for two, coffee cup, delicious coffee, coffee hand love, the best medicine and care of mankind
my heart, love of the heart, love of the heart, the heart under the umbrella, the heart under the umbrella
young man, people, lovely couple, boyfriend girl, photography of lovers
foot, yerevan, armenia, lovely couple, girls pursue boyfriends
girl, female, esperanza, nes cuccini garden, ushakova natalia korkino
excite, kiss, girl
mp 3, mp 4, kiss, girl's kiss, french kissing
young man, people, kiss, a pair of kisses, kiss the boys
love, slant line
love, love inscription, love of the heart, red love, love of the heart
heart, two hearts, sevgiliye hediye, heart-shaped transparency, heart-shaped glass
a few hours, matching clock, the hand of lovers, lover watch, couple watch
double arms, hand in hand, lovers affection, the hand of lovers, hand in hand
people, steam chart, couple painting, pencil drawing, draw passion with plain pencil
right, girl, screenshot, a happy couple, relationship between men and women
bible, bible study, praise worship, mens prayer meeting, two are better than one
girl, people, female, happy girls, lucky woman
foot, girl, people, love couple, couple photo
right, a loving couple, photography of lovers, portrait of lovers together, happy young couple
love, love, girl, true love, victoria betthitina golish manovo
jogo, hamilton, because you, really love you, ee maaya peremito
right, love, girl, female, lovers
pan flute, love on the beach, love's divine, woman in love, lost without you
camera, romantico, about love, tears stine grove aurosonic
love couple, arrigit singh, a loving couple, karachurina svitlana, loving sunset lovers
right, friend, sunset woman, a loving couple, movie um casal de 3
hay, body parts, min youngi, hand in hand, hand pair aesthetics
girl, people, female, at the wedding, a young couple
Tags: girl, people, love, lovely couple, a loving couple
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