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Install the Primates | @uffchat sticker pack for Telegram! This is a set of 48 video stickers. Each of them has an analogue in the form of an emoji, with which you can express any emotions and feelings.

This stickerpack uses following emojis: 😎, 😏, 🤗, 🚬, 📞, 🎧, 🤔, 🇩🇪, 😄, 👏, 🚿, 😠, 😍, 🤨, 😛, 🤓, 😂, 🤦‍♂, 🕺, 🙉, 👀, 😱, 🔫, 🙂, 🤪, 🙅‍♂, 🥱, 😯, 😲, 😋.

Stickers in the pack

bath, vacationers, bath foam, alexander ivanov, the bathroom is 120
abzyan, a monkey, chimpanzees bonya, home monkey, a narrow eyed monkey
a monkey, chimpanzees, chimpanzees joke, funny animals, monkey chimpanzees
gamepad, monkey shock, the monkey farts, funny monkeys, funny monkeys
suitable, a monkey, the remaining, classmates, monkey monkey
a monkey, ukdevilz, monkey player, monkey monkey, monkey player meme
a monkey, the remaining, evangelion, monkey watching the skull meme, gray monkey josani forest
zhil, zoo, chimp, the monkey is zig, zigating monkey
monkey pug, funny animals, merry monkey, the monkey is dancing, funny animals
water supply, gorilla pool, they gave hot water, when they gave hot water, gorilla dances the pool
gorilla, monkeys, ospop monkey, the monkey waves, gorilla threw a monkey
member, kotka, animals, hot cock
gansin, member, nigeria, gorilla, bon courage
monkey for pc, monkey behind the laptop, monkey at the computer, monkey at the computer, monkey at a computer 1mb
a monkey, monkeys, funny monkeys, very funny monkeys, offended monkey painted
human, gorilla, smart gorilla, mountain gorilla, monkey gorilla
kiss, the selfies of the monkey, gif kiss monkey, very funny monkeys, monkey in front of the camera
deadly sins, seven deadly, the monkey is funny, funny monkeys, beond good evil 2
gorilla, a monkey, monkey s uncle
a monkey, monkeys, ospop monkeys, an embarrassed monkey, the monkey covers the face
darkness, a monkey, chimpanzees, we came from monkeys, the monkey closes his eyes
dance of monkeys, dancing monkey, dancing monkeys, the monkey is dancing lezginka, dancing monkeys moskal
a monkey, chimpanzees, monkeys, the monkey is sweet, merry monkey
monkey dance, dance of monkeys, dancing monkey, dancing monkeys, the monkey is dancing lezginka
copy link, the remaining, monkey funny, komik capsler, monkey youtube
child, orangan, monkey orangutan, microsoft powerpoint, sumatransky orangutan
a monkey, monkey animation, monkey animation 2d, animated monkey, monkey multiplier
gorillaz, discussion, gorilla is crying, gorilla is funny, the monkey is funny
human, child, chimpanzees, monkey with a column, monkey with a pistol
tick tock, gorilla meme, ospop monkeys, arizona roleplay, gorilla monkey
vídeo, watch online, dancing orangutan
human, monkey plates, monkey with plates of the head, monkey with plates of the head, monkey simpsons with plates
a monkey, gif monkey, the monkey is funny, monkey orangutan, dancing orangutan
the dance of the orangutan, orangutan is dancing, orangutan funny, dancing monkey, monkey orangutang
a monkey, animals, the back of the gorilla, black macaque, black monkey
a monkey, the monkey is funny, monkey at the computer, babuin at the computer, monkey behind the keyboard
gorilla, gorillaz, chimpanzees, gorilla monkey, chimpanzees gender
gorilla, hug love, chimpanzees, prague zoo gorilla, big house zoo gorilla
the male, a monkey, 4 k 60 fps, gorilla monkey, hurray ura timofey gorilla
the apes, the remaining, planet of monkeys 2011, king kong 2005 empire, planet of monkeys war
orangutan, animation meme, orangutans are funny, bornean orangutan, orangan or orangutan
fatigue, the monkey is dancing, laughing girl, dancing monkey, the monkey dances the full version on saturday
gorillaz, shimpanzee pitch, jambo chimpanzees, painted monkey, jambo chimpanzees bald
water, chimpanzees, monkey meme, i drank a monkey, animals are funny, monkey pog, monkey muzzle, monkey makaku, the monkey peers
monkeys, ospop monkey, pretending, monkey language, thank you for your attention to take care of animals
a monkey, chimpanzees, the monkey is alive, the monkey is funny, homemade monkeys
Tags: a monkey, chimpanzees, gorilla, monkeys, dancing monkey
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