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Install the Anime Gif sticker pack for Telegram! This is a set of 38 video stickers. Each of them has an analogue in the form of an emoji, with which you can express any emotions and feelings.

This stickerpack uses following emojis: 🥰, ☺️, 😂, ✌️, 😑, 🙁, 🕺, 👍, 🥴, 😢, 😬, 😵‍💫, 😈, 😐, 😳, 😰, 😨, 😡, 😏, 😅, 😛, 🤬, 😠, 😤, 😖, 🥵, 😎, 😘, 😁, 😃, 😭.

Stickers in the pack

cartoon hug, gif anime hug, gochuumon wa usagi desu ka, gochuumon wa usagi desu ka anime yuri, ordered the rabbit gochuumon wa usagi desu ka
animation creativity, cartoon character, pellets, longji boy maid, anime two-faced sister daimaru
satanic animation, gabriel dropout, gabriel sasania, gabriel dropped out of school, gabriel dropped out of satanic school
days, figure, animation meme, animation rofl, marui renping
animation, figure, anime sade, cartoon animation, sad animation
animation, lady jiagu dance, fujiwara chika dance, cartoon lady jiagu dance, mrs fujiwara jiagu dance
megumin, macroamine, macroamine 4k, konosuba meigumin
my hero academy, inko midoriya youth, my hero academy 1, animation my hero academy, my hero academy season 1
animation, figure, animation meme, renliboqi
animation, ms clip mistake, lady insect super, ladies bug earrings, new lady bug series
animation, daughter of heaven, anime girl, cartoon character, hololive korone
satan, anime girl, cartoon characters, gabriel dropout, gabriel dropout satania
animation, ogey hololive, pekora terrified, usada pecora hololive
anime boy, killer, kakabaneiye, karma akabane, kakabane karma killer class
figure, anime girl, cartoon character, kaguya sama wa kokurasetai, kaguya sama wa kokurasetai tensai tachi no renai zunousen
animation, heavenly dance, anime escape, anime pan, life is not alone
animation, clannad, animation animation, animation series, russian anime
animation, anime, kang zi koenzhi, animation intimate 800-year-old wife, caring 800-year-old wife sewayaki kitsune no senko-san
animation, anime 8 3, soli animation, minno kyoko animation, yuru yuri kyoko emotion
nezuko, darkness, nezuko kamado, that's ridiculous, neizuzi xiangteng drawer
ika musume, cartoon invasion in kalma, squid invasion season 2, invasion of kalma anime mini, intrusion squid animation series 3
naruto, moon animation, cartoon cute, 5000-meter race, kakashi vs conan
animation, animation creativity, animation art, animation theme, cartoon characters
days, animation, animation meme, zombieland saga spray, sincero d you are a badass
osmi kumiko, anime girl, cartoon characters, hibike euphonium, kumiko hibike euphonium
animation, anime girl, cartoon character, magic love of fox in rice, anime fox magic love in rice
animation, mushaoku tense, anime girl, zenith greyrat, cartoon characters
tonikaku, tsukagosuka anime, tsukashita yuki, anime girl, cartoon characters
cartoon cheeks, cartoon character, the kiss of rica utah, the kiss of chuunibeyou, anime kisses cheeks
animation, cartoon characters, heroes college, my hero academy, my hero wiki college
anime neko, tail animation, anime girl, shirakami fubuki, shirakami fubuki dakimakura
animation, internal medicine day, animation creativity, animation art, cartoon characters
animation, figure, anime girl, anime picture, cartoon character
animation, hongkai's myth, lovely cartoon, anime picture, cartoon characters
animation, animation curiosity, anime girl, watch anime, azumanga film 1999
cowboy bibopp, cowboy bibop ed, cowboy bebop ed, cowboy bibop animation, cowboy bibop episode
Tags: animation, anime girl, cartoon characters, cartoon character, figure
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