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Install the OldAnimation sticker pack for Telegram! This is a set of 50 animated stickers. Each of them has an analogue in the form of emoji, with which you can express any emotions and feelings: laughter, approval, acceptance, love, coolness, joy, embarrassment, greetings, shock, excitement, confusion, laugh, consent, fun, anger, disappointment, obscenity, antics and others.

This stickerpack uses following emojis: ⌨️, ❤️, 🌚, 🍺, 🎚, 🎻, 🐟, 🐦, 🐱, 👆, 👊, 👋, 👌, 👍, 👏, 👩, 💃, 💪, 🔞, 🔫, 🕸, 🖕, 😁, 😃, 😄, 😈, 😊, 😎, 😕, 😜, 😞, 😥, 😦, 😫, 😬, 😱, 😳, 🚬, 🤕, 🤟, 🤡, 🤢, 🤪, 🥁, 🦆.

Stickers in the pack

emoticons koloboks, emoticons yellow koloboks, emoticons rofl, emoticons
pixel hearts, pixel heart, pixel heart no background, valentine heart, hearts
flood emoticon, emoticon, emoticon with a sign, emoticons with inscriptions
emoticons koloboks, emoticon with beer, emoticon with popcorn, emoticon, emoticons from ICQ with beer
smiley, clap2 smile, emoticons 34, smiley kolobok don’t know
pixel art, smiley with a bottle of vodka, flood smiley, pixel graphics, doom guy pixel
smiley, pixel smiley thinks, blink smiley, emoticon
party parrot, parrot emoji for discord, parrot parrot, parrot emoticon, rareparrot
pixel cat muzzle, pixel, pixel cat, eight-bit cat, pixel art
emoticon, emoticon rofl, shooting emoticon, pixel kolobok, animated stickers koloboks
smiley minecraft, smiley, stickers minecraft beeabavurot, shooting emoticon, �� minecraft smail
pixel koloboks, kolobok smilies, kolobok emoticons, animated kolobok stickers, smiley
pixel smiley, pixel emoji, pixel art, get-up hat with a smiley face, minecraft smiley myth
emoticon, spiteful emoticon, emoticon 2d, emoticon rofl, shooting emoticon
koloboks stickers pixel, stickers koloboks animated, smiley 2d, spiteful smiley, smiley
emoticons yellow koloboks, emoticon, emoticons koloboks, shy emoticon from ICQ, spiteful emoticon
glove, female palm vector, hand, drawing, finger
minecraft, skin, skin inoski kimetsu no yaiba for minecraft, nyukema skin for minecraft, skin for minecraft a challenge
pixel jake, pixel stickers, pixel dog jake, pixel animations
smilies koloboks, emoticons, smilies from ICQ, stickers koloboks animated, koloboks
pixel pokeball, lego mario pixel, exploding TNT, mario, pixel art
emoticon rofl, spiteful emoticon, koloboks stickers pixel, emoticon, shooting emoticon
pixel spiderman, spiderman, spiderman animation, pixel art
emoticons minecraft, smiley minecraft, smiley angel in minecraft, pixel smile, smiley rofl
smiley minecraft, emoji in minecraft, smiley, pixel kolobok
cool emoticon from ICQ, emoticons from ICQ, emoticons icq, shy emoticon from ICQ, emoticon
dmitriy gordon egg man, human pixel photography, people, portrait, pixel head
smiley, pixel smile, spiteful smile, smiley dota, smiley minecraft creepypastacraft
pixel demons, demons pixel art top view, evil emoticon from ICQ, pixel crab, pixel art
smiley, smiley rofl, smiley minecraft, smiley 2d, smiley 16 by 16 pixels
stickers koloboks animated, pixel smiley, smiley koloboks, smiley 2d, spiteful smiley
emoticons yellow koloboks, emoticons koloboks, emoticon, shy emoticon from ICQ, emoticons bk
metal pixel art, pixel, wolf head, like, face pixel blur
smiley rofl, smiley 2d, smiley minecraft, stickers koloboks animated, spiteful smiley
smiley, emoticons koloboks, stickers koloboks animated, smiley greeting
smiley banging his head against the wall, smiley banging his head, rofl smiley
emoticon, pixel emoticon, emoji in minecraft, spiteful emoticon
emoticons yellow koloboks, emoticon, pixel kolobok, spiteful emoticon, emoticons koloboks
screenshot, architecture, windows error aesthetics, goose hydra, windows 2000 error
jake, emoji minecraft, pixel art, emoji animated mine, funny jake the dog
crazy smiley, sarcastic smiley, mini game, kolobok stickers
smiley 2d, smiley, pixel kolobok, clap2 smile, smiley with tongue in minecraft 2 d
terraria nips tailor, terraria, drippler terraria, terraria beard, crimson heart terraria
charmander minecraft, pixel art, smiley rock, pixel pokemon charmander, smiley punk
qr code, qr code style, qr rickroll code, qr vodka code, putin in qr code
smiley, smiley with tongue in minecraft 2 d, smiley rofl, smile 2d, pixel green
rofl emoticon, emoticon, spiteful emoticon, sarcastic emoticon, animated kolobok stickers
smiley, laughing smiley pixel, smiley rofl, pixel smiley, smiley 2d
link zelda pixel, characters terraria, terraria terraria nurse, zelda link pixel 8 bit, terraria elf
dancing duck, walking duck, duck GIF, dancing goose, duck

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Make your communication with friends and colleagues bright, funny and emotional. Our catalog contains the most popular and trending stickers for Telegram.

Download stickers is easy — you just need to have the latest version of Telegram and click on the Install button on the sticker pack page. Check out the other sections to find new and interesting sticker packs with memes, movies, cats, and more. Choose from over a million stickers! Check out the other sections to find new and interesting sticker packs with memes, movies, cats, and more. Choose from over a million stickers!

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smiley, smiley rofl, spiteful smiley, pixel art, stickers koloboks animated, smiley 2d, smiley koloboks



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