Install the Love sticker pack for Telegram! This is a set of 21 static stickers. Each of them has an analogue in the form of emoji, with which you can express any emotions and feelings: and others.

This stickerpack uses following emojis: 💚, ❤, 🎈, 😗, 💟, 💔, 🐱, ❣, 💑, 🐻, 🌸, 💏, 💜, 🐤, 😻, 🐰, 💛, 💙, 💞, 💕, 💌.

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Stickers in the pack

Telegram sticker  graffiti, graffiti stuff, graffiti lung, sketch graffiti beginner, graffiti pencil sketch,
Telegram sticker  palm of hand, heart-shaped silhouette, silhouette of heart and hand, heart-hand vector, silhouette of heart and hand,
Telegram sticker  tattoo, love, banks, people, banksy lowesik,
Telegram sticker  banks flying balloon, the contour ball of a woman, picture valentine's day, balloon figure, insanln aglrlasmasl xeyirdimi,
Telegram sticker  camera, profile, camera, banksy lowesik, interesting inscriptions on love,
Telegram sticker  cupid, angel silhouette, angel cupid, a silhouette of an angel, angel silhouette,
Telegram sticker  love, splint, love icon, donat's heart, the heart of love,
Telegram sticker  heart, red hearts, cardiac vector, heart illustration, i love you angela,
Telegram sticker  heart, sign, circle center, cardiac vector, heart shape on white background,
Telegram sticker  under an umbrella, the girl under the umbrella, ladies umbrella profile, silhouette of female umbrella, silhouette of umbrella girl,
Telegram sticker  postcard, valentine's day, garland stretching, valentine's day card, the wreath thanked her daughter,
Telegram sticker  i love you, heart-shaped red, ich liebe dich, cardiac vector, valentine's day postcard,
Telegram sticker  air balloon, balloon, balloon vector, balloon illustration, balloon center vector,
Telegram sticker  love, love, beloved, two people in love, silhouette of loving hearts,
Telegram sticker  love, lovers, love is meeting, the kiss of love, love is love,
Telegram sticker  teddy bear, cute bear, little girl bear, baby bear, bear in love,
Telegram sticker  splint, cute rabbit, mini love postcard, mini valentine's day stickers are cute, couple rabbit cute little pattern,
Telegram sticker  owls, toys, lovely owl, night owl, round-headed owl tray,
Telegram sticker  powder core, beautiful heart, be elated, pink heart, cardiac vector,
Telegram sticker  frame center, center circle, the heart around you, center of circle, the heart on a photoshop circle,
Telegram sticker  envelope, background envelope, envelope icon, envelope badge, envelope design,

Tags: love cardiac vector silhouette of heart and hand banksy lowesik camera

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