Install the KPOP MEME sticker pack for Telegram! This is a set of 50 video stickers. Each of them has an analogue in the form of an emoji, with which you can express any emotions and feelings.

This stickerpack uses following emojis: 😡, 😂, 💃, 😒, 🫂, ❤️, 😐, 🤬, 😊, 😘, 😃, 💔, 😁, 🥲, 🤌.

Stickers in the pack

young man, skz meme, bts meme, korean actor, chonin stray kids meme
asian, girl, people, korean actress, korean hairstyle
asian, jaehyun, lee min-ho, nct jaehyun, korean actor
girl, people, molineiro gisela, marina lam exhibition, irina prokhorchuk realtor
rush the country, bts meme, chong national defense bomb youth regiment, jungkook bts, bangtan boys
girl, henrix heep, henrix assets co, celebrity children, henrix's lovely moment
zheng zhongguo, bulletproof youth corps, jungkook bts, korean boy, bts fan gathering 2013
asian, good father, big brother, korean children, weird father and big brother
young man, boys, bts jungkook, bangtan boys, handsome boy
face, bts funny, bangtan boys, soobun dolphub, kang daniu without makeup
face, boys, little girl, people, chinese albinism
asian, rush the country, bts bts, jungkook bts
asian, yoongi bts, zheng zhongguo, jungkook bts, exo baekhyun
qi ming, park chang-lie, a real boy, korean drama, chinese drama
nct, face, boys, nct jisung, nct jaehyun
asian, people, nct chenle, bts jungkook, korean men's style
asian, bts jin, bts staff girl, korean actor, funny moment of bts
bakhing, bing bai xian, park chang-lie, chanyeol exo, exo baekhyun
nct, taiyang, young man, lucas nct, handsome boy
kpop, k pop, yu yingjie, jae yoon, watch online
asian, people, xu xianzhen, korean actor, korean men's style
yoongi, shuga bts, bts suga, yoongi bts, min yongi bts
rush the country, zheng zhongguo, chong national defense bomb youth regiment, bts jungkook, zhang zhongguo was embarrassed
young man, bts bts, jimin bts, maniak henzin, stray kids meme
qi ming, rush the country, jimin bts, bangtan boys, red-sensitive black hair
best, monsta x, monsta x hyungwon, henvon starbucks meme, monsta x henvon meme
asian, member, nitter, bts chonguk memy, korean actor
actor, jackie chan, su shulin, vincent corker, famous actor
dior, exo do, d o exo, kyungsoo, chanyol exo smoking
sehun, asian, sehun exo, park chang-lie, korean actor
asian, rush the country, russian academy of sciences bts, run bts, bts jungkook
food, asian, people, giant food, a person with a sense of touch
dance, girl, dance world, ballroom dance, oriental dance
lee min-ho, bts gate, hot flushing pan, korean actor, korean men's style
asian, canel, rush the country, people, bts meme
foot, bts rm, bts dance, hoseok bts, jungkook bts
singer, gk bts, nct wayv, a pop singer, korean actor
monsta x, monsta x wonho, monsta x minhyuk, monsta x hyungwon, yong jun has full height and black hair
girl, black powder, lisa blackpink, blackpink jisoo, jennie blackpink
asian, lovely bts, zheng zhongguo, bts funny, bts jungkook
asian, rush the country, bts taehyung, baekhyun exo, korean actor
qi ming, asian, taehyung, bts song, bts taehyung
gray hair, kim soo hyun, xu kangjun, korean actor, people succeeded when other say negative things
chuck, boys, zheng zhongguo, korean actor, 1991 korean actor
girl, a famous singer, sabrina carpenter, polina gagarina 2012, 2012 crocus town hall
qi ming, bts bonus, russian chiming, jungkook bts, bangtan boys
bangs, chalk plate, korean actress, korean hairstyle, bvlgari lisa manoban
young man, girl, people, bomgyu taehen, training group a big hit
profile, jackson van, mother jackson king 2019, jackson reaction to jyp, jackson van's beautiful treat
nct, asian, nct mark, members of bts, bts character qi min
Tags: asian, korean actor, people, rush the country, girl
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