Install the Insects sticker pack for Telegram! This is a set of 30 static stickers. Each of them has an analogue in the form of an emoji, with which you can express any emotions and feelings.

This stickerpack uses following emojis: 🕷, 🦗, 🐞, 🐜, 🐛, 🐝, 🦋, 💉, 💩, 💚.

Stickers in the pack

spider, brown spider, tarantula spider, brown spider tarantula, tegenaria house spider
cricket, house cricket, the cricket insect, a cricket with a white background, cricket is ordinary insect
ladybug, god's beetle, the background of god's cow, white ladybug, semit point cow
ant, the uterus is ant, ant is a scientist, ant with a white background, formica ruf anthole background
worms, worm, insect, earthworm, rainworm type of worms
bee, the bee of wasp, insect, bee hornet, wasp yellow jacket
butterfly, monarch butterfly, butterfly butterfly, butterfly moth, butterfly picture
centipede, insects, centipede, skolopendra, scolopendra with a white background
mol, insect, mol appearance, firing is a food moth, southern barn firing plodia interpunctella
cockroach, taracan floor, home cockroaches, tarakan with a white background, brown cockroach
kit, insect, insects, a grasshopper on top, ordinary mosque conocephalus discolor
fly, fly stock, green fly, fly green fly, reviews
butterflies, butterfly butterfly, butterfly drawing, butterfly peacock eye, close up butterfly
spider, big spider, spider tarantula, brown spider, big black spider
beetle, beetle snow, podonta dagheestanica, beetle relict lumberjack red book, variable aspen golden gold poecilonota variolosa
bumblebee, bumblebee bee, black bumblebee, bumblebee rubbish, bumblebee with a white background
the beetle louse, insect, beetle mokrin's house, mokrina insect, mokritsy is a scaly leather eater
bed bugs, insect, bugs of the house, insects, home bugs
mosquito, hayfield, insect, mosquito long term, mosquito giant long term
tashkent, cockroach, bed bugs cockroaches, homemade cockroach, disinfection by bugs
bed bugs, cockroach, insect, insects, bed bugs cockroaches
beetle, beetle horn, stag beetle, beetle beetle, odontolabis mouhoti
mosquito, insect, insects, the mosquito is ordinary, mosquito is a single insect
mokrin, mokrika is white, insect mokrin, mokrin with a white background, mokrina insect to the apartment
worms, earthworm, dendroben worm, worm to a white background, rainworm with a white background
beetle, insect, beetle mosquito, beetle beetle, chernotelka beetle
fly, insect, a fly without a background, housefly, fly with a white background
insect, a lot of flies, insects, midges flock, fly moshka
fly, insect, a lot of flies, insects, fly moshka
insect, a lot of flies, insects
Tags: insect, insects, fly, cockroach, beetle
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