Guardian Tales

Install the Guardian Tales sticker pack for Telegram! This is a set of 55 static stickers. Each of them has an analogue in the form of an emoji, with which you can express any emotions and feelings.

This stickerpack uses following emojis: 😏, 😐, ☺️, 😤, 😄, 🎁, 🔨, 😳, 🗡️, 😲, 😭, 🏃‍♂, 😊, ⚡, 🎵, 😀, 😍, 😂, 😉, 🍾, 😡, ❤️, 🤔, 🎅, ❄️, 😔, 😩, 😑, 💢, 😈, 🤩, 💪, 🤬, 🤤, 💃, 🤨, 😎, 🙂, 😇, 😟, 🙃, 🏳️‍🌈.

Stickers in the pack

link, animation, nanachi, people, guardian story miss chrome
animation art, lovely cartoon, cartoon character, lupina guardian story, cartoon character art
anime, animation, debuff tian, manhua animation, judgemasterkou art
animation, little girl, notre dame cathedral of hachama, popular comics, i'm a hero witch
animation, girl, anime fox, feng fox animation, anime fox has no background
animation, funny animation, cartoon characters, chibi guardian story, guardian story fox
jisong fox, ji yin animation, the guardian story nari, guardian story fox, lucy's guardian story
animation, animation art, anime picture, good-looking animation, girl scarf art
anime, animation, animation art, animation art
chibi league of legends, red cliff disney alice, ralph's friends of angels, guardian tales bianca, fictional fairy winks art
animation, people, animation art, cartoon turin, cartoon sword
meme, children, people, captain, memasiki
anime, animation, anime girl, cartoon characters, guardian tales marina shark
little girl, girl, cartoon characters, girl role, anime character pictures
cartoon cute, kavai animation, anime girl, cartoon character, noel holiday vicky
animation, animation art, lovely cartoon, cartoon characters, fire emblem syalla
animation, redsanik, kaphed solomkin, crash bandicoot rilla roo, ties that bind fines ferb
play the guitar, take the guitar, guitar playboy, cecil guardian story, the girl playing the guitar
anime, animation art, anime picture, cartoon character, orix buffaloes bell
animation, schenko hill, animation art, animation art, cartoon character
senko, sanzi mountain, chibi gives birth to three children, cartoon character, kitune senko-san
animation, sanzi mountain, animation art, animation style, cartoon character
animation, sanzi mountain, cartoon cute, cartoon character
animation, animation art, cartoon cute, animation is different, cartoon character
animation, character, guardian princess tales, plush jono giovanna, guardian story princess trumpet
anime, animation, nendoroid, anime key chain, yuzuhara konomi nendoroid
red cliff, animation, animation fantasy, red cliff character, cartoon characters
animation, people, animation creativity, cartoon characters, anime character pictures
animation, smiling face, anime duck, animation funny, duck knife animation
padoru dmc, paduru padoru, steam workshop, padoru padoru nero, padoru padoru ryugu rena
animation art, anime picture, anime trumpet, cartoon characters, takeru takaishi shota
anime, animation, cartoon prince, summers alan animation, background of guardian story
animation, ma jin, makinbu, dragon ball, dragon ball super
animation, character, mihm carl franz, bravhara mema, plants vs zombies 2 super fan imp
animation, red cliff knight, lovely cartoon, deus vult animation
animation, people, ludatale, liang ma hao shi, deus vult animation
animation, animation art, anime girl, guardian story lilith, guardian story lost girl
animation, cartoon cute, cartoon characters, red cliff illustrator, cartoon cute pattern
anime, bausett wore, cartoon characters, genshen character, root new character
animation, character, eryi's action, guardian tales mayreel, guardian story princess pixel
animation, animation art, anime girl, guardian tales mayreel, monaca towa pixels
animation art, animation creativity, animation art, anime girl, cartoon character
text, animation, animation creativity, we can expect god to do all the work, joshua graham we can't expect god to do all the work
animation, animation art, anime picture, cartoon characters, red cliff cartoon characters
red cliff animation, cyber red cliff, cartoon characters, animation art pictures, magic doremi animation series
animation art, anime lovers, lovely cartoon, cartoon characters, barud cornelius
hecap, gekapu, mongecapu, timo the devil, old versus strong
animation, animation creativity, tokyo hummingbird, cartoon character, sally face anime
boys, pixel art, pixel tomohiko, pixel character, pixel ronpa character
red cliff, anime chibi, cartoon characters, pixel man sword, funko pop dirty dancing francis hausman 36393
animation, battle of the castle, healer favi twin, guardian story ravi, guardian story location
animation art, pyrrha nikos, anime girl, cartoon character, 1910 rwby pyrrha nikos art
text, cartoon, fantasy cartoon, funny cartoon, funny cartoon
skin, minecraft skin, beauty skin, for my skin, marshmallow
animation, pixel art, cartoon character, pixel girl, sasori pixel art
Tags: animation, animation art, cartoon characters, cartoon character, anime
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