Duck Duck

Install the Duck Duck sticker pack for Telegram! This is a set of 69 static stickers. Each of them has an analogue in the form of an emoji, with which you can express any emotions and feelings.

This stickerpack uses following emojis: 💨.

Stickers in the pack

memes, disabilities lovely, stickers, funny memes, joke
cute drawings, duck illustration, memes drawings, lu lu duck, duck
duck, objects on the table, liu duck, character, funny memes
kawaii duck, duck illustration, telegram stickers, duck, duck meme
funny duck, duck, duck honey, mignon, ducky
disabilities cute, drawings memes, cute drawings light, duck illustration, drawings of memes
until the last breath, duck, stiker, drawings of memes, duck drawing
hay, lu lu duck, duck illustration, facebook, qr code
digers cute, drawings of memes, stickers, duck, duck drawing
动 态, duck sweet, duck meme, duck, peace love
drawings of memes, memes, funny memes, memes, memorial cheerful
duck, liu duck, korean duck drawing, funny drawings, camera
telegram stickers, telegram sticker, disabilities cute, drawings of memes, memas drawings
duck meme, memes drawings, funny memes, i work with ducks meme, memes
drawings of memes, kai duck, funny memes, duck, animal memes
mobile phone drawing, memes drawings, duck, phone drawing, duck illustration
twitter, drawing, drawings of memes, memes, character
stickers, duck illustration, kai duck, drawings of memes, drawings cute
drawings of memes, stickers, kawaii duck, stiker, stickers memes
line stickers seal, ducky, clipart, liu duck, cute illustrations
digers cute, drawings of memes, duck meme, light drawings light, memes
twitter, duck meme, memes, funny drawings, i work with ducks meme
memes drawings, drawings of memes, memes, funny memes, drawings cute
ducky, duck, funny duck, duck meme, kavay duck
drawings of memes, duck, cute drawings, funny duck, korean duck drawing
cute drawings, duck duck, duck illustration, stiker, funny duck
fun, line stickers seal, disabilities cute, start, duck
platypus, duck illustration, funny duck, duck drawing, plaintos drawing
tyoma meme, cute drawings, character illustration, drawing, cute illustrations
duckduckgo, stickers for whatsapp funny with obscenity, drawings of memes, character, cat monitors the cursor design
korean duck drawing, duck, liu duck, duck meme, drawings of memes
memes, duck, drawing memes 2019, illustrations dear, joke
twitter, screenshot, drawings cute, kawaii drawings, unknown
telegram stickers, stickers, duck illustration, adventure, momen
joke, mila, duck illustration, sarah, memes
drawing of memes 2019, drawings of memes, memes, fun memes, funny duck
drawings of memes, drawing, cute drawings, qr code, cute cartoon
lovely stickers, memes, stickers drawings, stickers, light drawings
duck meme, duck, memes, fictional character, stickers
funny memes, memes, duck meme, drawings of memes, meme cheerful
duck, duck illustration, funny drawings, memes, duck
drawings of memes, drawings cute, kai duck, twitter, character
cute drawings, duck, kai duck, twitter,
telegram stickers, duck, telegram sticker, stickers, telegram
memes drawings, drawings of memes, duck, memes, meme avatar
stiker, face, telegram stickers, qr code, memes drawings
father, steam levels, memes drawings, duck meme, memes
hieroglyphs, buzza, duck, line stickers seal, cute drawings
memes drawings, funny memes, notebook, funny duck, duck
memes, duck meme, kawaii drawings, drawings of memes, hieroglyphs
illustration, funny duck, disabilities cute, character, pusheen cat
telegram stickers, stickers, ketnipz stickers, stickers telegram, joke
hieroglyphs, lu duck, telegram stickers, funny duck, cute drawings
disabilities cute, stickers, cute drawings light, lovely karakuli, illustrations cute
hieroglyphs, ketnipz stickers, stickers, funny drawings, disabilities cute
humor, telegram, web comic, computer, comics humor
drawings lovely, ketnipz stickers, stickers, pusheen cat, stickers telegram
duck, duck illustration, duck drawing, stickers, character
kawaii duck, duck illustration, stickers, duck, duck
memes, drawing, funny memes, drawings of memes, drawings cute
hieroglyphs, korean duck drawing, memes, duck, cute drawings
duck, duck drawing, korean duck drawing, duck drawing, duck illustration
kai duck, duck meme, duck with heart mem, disabilities cute, duck
funny duck, stickers for whatsapp, liuduck, disabilities cute, hieroglyphs
cute drawings, drawings of memes, cute illustrations, memes, drawing
joke, drawings cute, duck illustration, cute drawings light, memes
nothing special, 1 subscriber, camera, memes 2019, stickers
joke, duck illustration, drawings cute, drawings of memes, illustration
duck, funny drawings, korean duck drawing, duck illustration, drawing memes 2019
Tags: duck, memes, drawings of memes, stickers, drawings cute
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Make your communication with friends and colleagues bright, funny and emotional. Our catalog contains the most popular and trending stickers for Telegram.

Downloading stickers is easy — you just need to have the latest version of Telegram and click on the Install button on the sticker pack page. Check out the other sections to find new and interesting sticker packs with memes, movies, cats, and more. Choose from over a million stickers!

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