Drinking dogs

Install the Drinking dogs sticker pack for Telegram! This is a set of 23 static stickers. Each of them has an analogue in the form of emoji, with which you can express any emotions and feelings: neutral sentiment, pleasure, detachment, disbelief, amorousness, warmth and others.

This stickerpack uses following emojis: 😍, 🙃, 😗, 🍻, 🔥, 😩, 😫, 🍷, 😶, 👶, 💤, 🍹, 🤓, 🤗, 🙄, 😋, 🍾, 😇, 😝, 😐, ☺️, ❤.

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Stickers in the pack

Telegram sticker  toys, basik logo, lobotomy burn girl,
Telegram sticker  sleeve, unknown number, a lovely animal, chapek dog,
Telegram sticker  poodle, poodle, graffiti poodle, poodle hipster, goldendoodle pattern,
Telegram sticker  cat, people, cat coffee man,
Telegram sticker  figure, spitz diagram, spitz cartoon, pomerania spitz pattern,
Telegram sticker  dog pattern, beagle map, dog wood pattern,
Telegram sticker  kajihuahua, chihuahua pattern, pencil chihuahua,
Telegram sticker  puppy, fashion animal, chihuahua dog, pencil chihuahua,
Telegram sticker  wide brimmed hat, animals, taco dog, animals are cute, wide brimmed hat,
Telegram sticker  fox pattern, fox illustration, fox painting children, pattern of dog drinking tea,
Telegram sticker  unknown author, buy a dog for a walk, reading star 1 pet day,
Telegram sticker  parker, animal doctor, pattern of dog drinking tea,
Telegram sticker  husky dxf, rabbitpyl9, park's dog, smiling dog,
Telegram sticker  sausage, dachshund, good morning, good morning dachshund postcard, good morning funny pictures,
Telegram sticker  cat, claw, chihuhua dog, illustrated cat, cat mouse food,
Telegram sticker  parker, claw, brutus pixie chapter 1 volume 1,
Telegram sticker  cat, cat, cat wine, cat art, cat wine art,
Telegram sticker  fox, fox pattern, fox pattern, fox watercolor painting, fox illustration,
Telegram sticker  pug, pug, flatt pug, pug poster, pug clown,
Telegram sticker  dog, puppy, nft claw, dalmatian dog, dalmatian puppy,
Telegram sticker  people, boys, pug pattern, donuts, children's illustration,
Telegram sticker  text, illustration, fox pattern, book illustration, illustration art,
Telegram sticker  poodle, poodle sheep, illustration of poodle, white poodle chuck, poodle artemon pattern,

Tags: cat fox pattern poodle people pencil chihuahua

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