Chitoge (Nisekoi)

Install the Chitoge (Nisekoi) sticker pack for Telegram! This is a set of 45 static stickers. Each of them has an analogue in the form of an emoji, with which you can express any emotions and feelings.

This stickerpack uses following emojis: 🤣, 😂, 😯, 😢, 😚, ☺️, 😌, 😏, 😕, 😒, 🤩, 😮, 🤔, 🤫, 😖, 😙, 😘, 😡, 🤬, 😈, 😰, 😱, 🥶, 🤯, 🛏, 🛌, 💋, ❤, 🎉, 👍, 👎, 👋, 👉, ✌️, 🏃‍♀, 🤰, 🃏, 🍔, 🍺, 🍫, 🚽, 🚿, 💙, 💛, 🉐.

Stickers in the pack

anime smile, anime girl, cartoon character, anime blink, anime girl blinks
animation art, anime girl, rijing animation, dunoue charlotte, kirisaki chitoge
chitoge, nisekoi, rijing animation, chitohokirizaki, chitoge kirisaki
anime girl, rijing animation, cartoon character, kirisaki chitoge, chitogh's pretended love
chitoge, chibi chitoge, anime picture, cartoon character, kirisaki chitoge
chitoge, nisekoi, anime girl, siri zomuchi doha, kikizaki kitagawa animation
animation, emoji, animation is hot, cartoon character
nisekoi, rijing meme, anime girl, izaki tomokawa animation renderings
nisekoi, chitoge, cartoon characters, chitoge kirisaki
animation, chitogh, nisekoi, anime neko, chitohokirizaki
anime, animation, anime girl, cartoon character, pretending to love anime chitogh
chitogh, nisekoi, cartoon characters, chitohokirizaki, chitoge kirisaki
nisekoi, chibi chitoge, nisekoichitoge, chitohokirizaki, kikizaki kitagawa animation
chitoge, nisekoi, kirisaki chitoge, kikizaki kitagawa animation, chitogh the mother pretending to love
animation, anime neko, animation animation, anime girl, cartoon character
animation funny, cartoon character, chitoge kirisaki, mayan animation curiosity, anime funny moment
chitoge chan, animation art, cartoon cute, cartoon characters, lovely cartoon art
animation, rijing meme, cartoon heroine, chitohokirizaki, cartoon character
nisekoi, animation creativity, animation funny, cartoon character, kito congratulates qiqi's emotion
kobayashi che, animation anger, rijing animation, cartoon character, kobayashi is evil
chitoge, nisekoi, siri zomuchi doha, kirisaki chitoge, kikizaki kitagawa animation
days, anime, animation, cartoon character, chitoge kirisaki zundere
nisekoi, animation art, anime girl, nisekoi chitoge, chitohokirizaki
chitoge, nisekoi, chitoge chan, chibi chitoge, chitoge kirisaki
chitogh, rijing animation, chitohokirizaki, chitoge kirisaki, cartoon artistic figures
animation, anime girl, cartoon character
anime girl, cartoon character, kikizaki kitagawa animation
animation art, anime girl, rijing animation, siri zomuchi doha, cartoon characters
chitoge tian, cartoon character, cartoon rally in kavai, kikizaki kitagawa animation
anime, pirate animation, cartoon characters, haruno sora voice
animation, anime girl, cartoon characters, blonde cartoon
chitoge, nisekoi, siri zomuchi doha, cartoon character, chitoge kirisaki
nisekoi, anime girl, rijing animation, cartoon characters, cartoon character
chitoge, animation art, cartoon character, chitoge kirisaki
hanna kirizaki, anime girl, anime girl, rijing animation, cartoon characters
nisekoi, cartoon character, funny emotional animation, chitoge kirisaki poker face, qiduo he qiqi emotional animation
animation, cartoon beauty, cartoon characters, animation simulator, animation tv channel
art tail fairy, fairy tail animation, nisekoi yomeiri, heterogeneous thiel mewis, fairy tail animation
chitoge, nisekoi, animation creativity, rin kagamine, pretend to love ova
chitoge, nisekoi, anime girl, rijing animation, chitoge kirisaki
nisekoi, anime girl, siri zomuchi doha, cartoon characters, chitoge kirisaki
hatsune mihisa, anime picture, good-looking animation, chuyin miku animation, hatsune miku vocaloid
nisekoi, cartoon characters, kirisaki chitoge, beautiful cartoon girl, chitoge kirisaki swimsuit
chitoge, nisekoi, chitoge chan, cartoon character, katsuzaki tomoto he yuda
text, darkness, spider-man logo, caucasian captive symbol
Tags: cartoon character, nisekoi, anime girl, chitoge, cartoon characters
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Make your communication with friends and colleagues bright, funny and emotional. Our catalog contains the most popular and trending stickers for Telegram.

Downloading stickers is easy — you just need to have the latest version of Telegram and click on the Install button on the sticker pack page. Check out the other sections to find new and interesting sticker packs with memes, movies, cats, and more. Choose from over a million stickers!

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