Ashkore's personal sfw

Install the Ashkore's personal sfw sticker pack for Telegram! This is a set of 60 static stickers. Each of them has an analogue in the form of an emoji, with which you can express any emotions and feelings.

This stickerpack uses following emojis: 🍪, 🍺, 🥜, ☕️, 🖐, 🤬, 😳, 😢, 😭, 😔, 🤪, 😒, ❣, ❤️, 👍, 😞, ⛔️, 😏, 😡, 🍎, 😜, 🎈, 😦, 🦠, 🐍, 🦒, 🐃, 🐏, 🐖, 🦩, 💢, ✋, 💖, 👋, 🤝, 🔒, 😇, 🚯, 🚱, ❗️, ❓, ⁉️, 🎆, 😷, 😴, 😩, 🥳, 🔫, 📺, 🔋, 👻, ☠️.

Stickers in the pack

a toy, toys, flashka tortoise, mookie game set, grenade toy sound effect
a toy, the backpack of the turtle, children's backpack toy, grenade toy sound effect, children's backpack samsonite crocodile
anime, furryatina, furri female, furri cow
anime, human, character, godzilla tickling
anime, reptiles, antro dinosaurs, furry dino costume
crocodile, emmy crocodile, a crocodile knight, crocodile maskot
anime, character, dinosaur elvis, crocodile maskot, drunk crocodile
boy, brothers komodo, the dragon beak, dragon pop art, the dragon is fabulous
vaeper art, randy cunningham, mythical creatures, fictional character, cool ninja monsters
anime, human, godzilla tickling, mythical creatures, fictional character
anime, human, dogeboot, rick morty zombies, violet crocodile
anime, the dragon, human, dragon peacock, monti fnaf 9 drawing
toad, green toad, green crab, green toad lol, bin 10 omnivers eatle
logo, logo, logo bird, golden antelope logo, the logo graphic design
anime, lizard vore, vorefan royal, inflation dragon belly
anime, character, the characters are monsters, pirates of dark water, fictional character
anime, human, character, lovely art, fictional character
anime, dragons, dragon furry, mythical creatures, dragon kobold furri
anime, dragon furry, furry lizard, argonian vore
anime, human, a crocodile knight, happy tree friends flippi, freddie fasber sekuriti breech
crocodile, dinosaur, dear crocodile, evil crocodile, hungry alligator
anime, chameleon, ticking machine, mozilla lizard, fictional character
green dragon, ben ten 10 omnivers, bin 10 omnivers bug, spike adult dragon, bin 10 omnivers bin 1000
anime, dragon furry, furri dragon gerl, fictional character, transformation of the lunate monster
anime, bouster fat, furri dragons, green monster, rayman origins fat
anime, furry skat, fur affinity, pregnant furia, pregnant furry
anime, dragon, poop dragons, the dragon is funny, ninja turtles 2012 skin headed
anime, character, drunk crocodile, the tickling of the werewolf, fictional character
green monster, fat art boose, green animals, dragon ball inflation, gardevoir belly inflation
anime, antro snake, furry skat, fictional character, kanna blaster master zero
anime, female, furry skat, kanna blaster master zero, my hero academy vore
furry, anime, furry skat, fnf inflation
pumpkin template, radis drawing, smeshariki pumpkin, pumpkin coloring, fruit coloring
anime, antro snake, mlp lamia vore, mythical creatures, fictional character
anime, giganotosaurus, antro dinosaurs, fictional character, furri dinosaur full height
anime, antro dinosaurs, furry tyrannosaur, mythical creatures, fictional character
anime, characters, mega milk furry, fictional character, transformation of the lunate monster
anime, furrybook, crocodile vore, monsters of the girl, fictional character
anime, reptiles, antro dinosaurs, fictional character, furri dinosaur full height
furry skat, anime monster, marsiaga girl, monster anime art, monster gerl kaizu
anime, character, yoshi muscle growth, fictional character, the girl turns a monster
snake, anime, dragon, sad dragon, little dragon
anime, furrybook, girls monsters, dota 2 rubik memes, blaster master zero 2 kanna
anime, character, emmy crocodile, antro dinosaurs, fujitsu crocodile
anime, furry skat, furry kantbo, blaster master zero 2 kanna, transformation of the lunate monster
anime, furry skat, monsters of the girl, my hero academy vore
anime, serperer furri, fat furs inflation, dragon gorynych vore, verzisphere bellykink
anime, yoshi leo, big yoshi, yoshi leo 18, yoshi leo shipp
nuclear explosion, the drawing of the explosion, pencil explosion, atomic explosion drawing, nuclear explosion drawing
author's comic book, undertale comics, dustbelief comic, cool comics, glassfish superheroes comic
chomper pvz 2, plants against zombie zoom, plants against zombie jugs, chomper plants against zombies 2, watermelon plant against zombies
hulk, anime, hulk woman, monsters of the girl, woman hulk new version
anime, the dragon, mini dragon, vore dragons comics, fallout equestria
anime, dsp 811, character, fictional character, my hero academy vore
zhaba dragon, frog dragon, pokemon grovail, drawings of dragons, home plant
furry skat, furri people, furry is large
anime, ms suki, furry is large, fenoxo trials in tainted
anime, character, vidyamhark, girls monsters
anime, drawing bash, fictional character, erisolsprait homestak, bin 10 omnivers hybrids
anime, hophead game, mythical creatures, fictional character, pokemon decidueye memes
Tags: anime, fictional character, character, furry skat, mythical creatures
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