Install the AnImAls sticker pack for Telegram! This is a set of 54 static stickers. Each of them has an analogue in the form of an emoji, with which you can express any emotions and feelings.

This stickerpack uses following emojis: 🐼, 🦆, 🐥, 🐧, 🦔, 🦎, 🕊, 🐈, 🦁, 🐇, 💗, 🐹, 🐰.

Stickers in the pack

panda, panda, panda behind, animals panda, giant panda
camera, khalilov, broadcast, golovchenko, nastya kamensky
chick, cute chicken, colored chickens, beautiful chickens, small chickens
goose, joyful goose, goose with a meme, cool goose, the jokes of history are funny
panda funny, funny pandas, giant panda, the most cute animals, funny photos of animals
panda panda, merry panda, panda rollers, offended panda, the world of the baby panda
panda is dear, panda cub, the animals are cute, panda is an animal, giant panda
duck, duck duck, duck goose, duck is sweet, ducks are cute
duck, duckling, the chicken runs, little ducklings, the chicken is funny
panda hedgehog, panda is dear, panda is big, panda home, animals panda
penguins, baby penguin, penguin dear, the penguin is small, sad little penguin
dear hedgehog, sleeping hedgehog, thorny hedgehog, hedgehog is home, the hedgehogs are small
panda, panda muzzle, giant panda, animals panda, sad panda
axolotl, sweet axolotl, axolotl bucket, little eublefar, haeckon eublefar meme
panda, i am a panda, funny panda, panda is an animal, offended panda
thorny hedgehog, tired hedgehog, sad hedgehog, little hedgehog, the mood is sad hedgehog
panda, pandochka, sweet panda, baby animals, animals panda
penguin, penguin dear, the penguin is small, poroto penguin, imperial penguin
panda, panda is dear, memes funny, no talk i angy meme, panda is big small
shima enaga, cotton tail, fluffy bird, bird with a white head, i like this this is cute
gecko, hyeckon is cute, the lizard of haeckon, haeckon waves his paw, haeckon eublefar cute
duckling, duck duck, duck duck, duck's duck, little ducklings
duck duck, white ducks, duck duck, duck duck, the duck is white cute
gecko, dear haeckon, cat heckon, haeckon eublefar, haeckon eublefar art
duck, duck duck, lovely geese, duck's duck, duck duck
cats, cute cats, cute cats, dear cat meme, cute cats are funny
cat, cat, cat, funny cats, crazy cat
cat, kote, cats, cat cat, funny photos of animals
cat, dancing cat, dancing cat, the white cat is dancing, dancing cat chako
cat, ahahaha cat, funny cats, the cats are funny, the funniest cats
cat, cat dog, the dog is funny, the dog is an animal, doberman's cat meme
cat, cat, cats, cute cats, cute cats are funny
cat, the cat is funny, the cat is white, funny cats, very funny cats
cat, ikan, egor letov, the cats are funny, here fishy fishy fishy meme
cat, cat, cat, the cat key, the cat with a wrench
lion city, animals leo, homemade lion cub, sad lion, the most cute animals
lion city, dear lion, sweet lion, the muzzle of the lion cub, sad lion
black glasses rabbit, the glasses are funny, cheerful rabbit
rabbit, lovely rabbits, angora rabbit, very cute rabbits, angora rabbit haircut
bunny, krolik, rabbit, dear rabbit, rabbit of aesthetics
bunny, kroll, rabbit, dear rabbit, rabbit an animal
duckling, duck duck, duck ducklings, funny ducklings, funny ducks
baby bunny, dear rabbit, lovely hare, a rabbit of a chicken, cute bunnies with a chicken
bunny, cat rabbit, dear rabbit, lovely rabbits, the rabbit is funny
duck, duckling, duck duck, duckling duck, duck duck
cute animals, offended hamster, the hamster is funny, the animal of the chinchilla, dwarf hamster
hamster, hamster jungaric, dzungarian hamster, dzungarian hamster, dwarf hamster dzungarsky
rabbit, dear rabbit, the rabbit is funny, home rabbit, the rabbit is embarrassed
cat, cat, cat, funny cats, charming kittens
bunny rabbit, dear rabbit, rabbits are white, the animals are cute
hamster, the animals are cute, the hamster is funny, animals are funny, little animals
cat, cat, funny cats, funny animals, charming kittens
rabbit, rabbit baran, the hare is sad, sad bunny, sad rabbit
rabbit, catherine, bunny is sad, a sad bunny, sad rabbit
Tags: cat, duck duck, panda, rabbit, dear rabbit
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