Craftwork Emoji

Install the Craftwork Emoji sticker pack for Whatsapp! This is a set of 30 static stickers. Each of them has an analogue in the form of emoji, with which you can express any emotions and feelings: amorousness, shock, coolness, malice, happyness, acceptance, obscenity, thoughtfulness, anger and others.

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Stickers in the pack

Whatsapp sticker
Whatsapp sticker  emoji, emoji, yellow smiley, smiley, emoji stickers,
Whatsapp sticker  smiley with hands, smile goat, emoji stickers, emoji, smiley fingers fan,
Whatsapp sticker  red balloon, bat ball, red ball, blinking balls, ball,
Whatsapp sticker  power bank emoji ghost, emoji ghost, emoji ghost, emoji bringing, emoji stickers,
Whatsapp sticker  emoji persik, persian emoji aios, juicy persian, peach emoji, persian,
Whatsapp sticker  emoji sprout, homemade plant, stem of flower, stuble promice, plants,
Whatsapp sticker  yellow star, symbol star, ball star, star clipart, four pointed star,
Whatsapp sticker  heart, heart emoji, pink hearts, red heart, two hearts,
Whatsapp sticker  clown emoji, avatar emoji clown, clown emoji samsung, clown emoji, emoji clown,
Whatsapp sticker  emoji fear, emoji, emoji face, emoji, emoji android,
Whatsapp sticker  emoji hat, emoji smileik, emoji face, emoji cowboy, emoji,
Whatsapp sticker  emoji stickers, emoji, emoji emoticon, icon wow smiley, surprised smiley,
Whatsapp sticker  emoji android, emoji stickers, emoji emoticons, emoji, face with tongue smiley,
Whatsapp sticker  emoji stickers, emoji, bear with hearts in the eyes of emoji, love emoji, emoji,
Whatsapp sticker  emoji, smileik, emoji, smiley laughter, emodie smile,
Whatsapp sticker  emoji luna, luna emoji, black moon emoji, gray emoji, emoji stickers,
Whatsapp sticker  angry emoji, red smiley evil, evil smiley, evil smiley, red smiley sad,
Whatsapp sticker  emoji violet demon, emoji demon, emoji stickers, emoji, emoji devil,
Whatsapp sticker  cool emoji, emoji glasses round, emoji, smiley kaif,
Whatsapp sticker  emoji, emoji, smiley, emoji stickers, square smiles,
Whatsapp sticker  thoughtful emoticon, text, thinking emoji, emodie head, emoji,
Whatsapp sticker  emoji stickers, emoji, emoji, icon smiley, laughing smiley,
Whatsapp sticker  emoji biceps, emoji biceps, emoji biceps, emoji strength, hand emoji,
Whatsapp sticker  smile handshake, emoji handshake, handshake smileik, emoji handshake, handshake,
Whatsapp sticker  middle finger emoji, middle finger, emoji fak, emoji fak, emoji finger,
Whatsapp sticker  emoji palm, hand emoji, hand, emoji hand, yellow palms,
Whatsapp sticker  permanent latex gloves, commercial gloves, yellow gloves, emoji palms, gloves rubber,
Whatsapp sticker  smiley thumb up, smiley finger up, finger up, smile thumb up, emoji finger up,
Whatsapp sticker  smiley hand, finger emoji, emoji hand, palm waves, hand,

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Make your communication with friends and colleagues bright, funny and emotional. Our catalog contains the most popular and trending stickers for WhatsApp.

Downloading stickers is easy — you just need to have the latest version of WhatsApp and click on the Download button on the sticker pack page. Check out the other sections to find new and interesting sticker packs with memes, movies, cats, and more. Choose from over a million stickers!

Downloading stickers is simple — you just need to have the latest WhatsApp version and follow the instruction:

  1. Push the Download button to get the file with the sticker pack
  2. Download the Sticker Maker app. Go to Google Play (Android) or App store (iOS) and download the app
  3. Open the file with the Sticker Maker app. Tap "Add to library" and then "Add to WhatsApp". Confirm the action
  4. Open a conversation on WhatsApp, access the sticker icon and choose some of the installed stickers
  5. Send new stickers to friends, family and enjoy 😉!