Craftwork Emoji

Install the Craftwork Emoji sticker pack for Telegram! This is a set of 94 static stickers. Each of them has an analogue in the form of emoji, with which you can express any emotions and feelings: detachment, acceptance, coolness, anger, misunderstanding, obscenity, thoughtfulness, pleasure, shock, love, malice, upset, amorousness, happyness and others.

This stickerpack uses following emojis: 🗿, 😡, 👁, 🎈, 😋, 🍚, 🤮, 💀, 📌, 😍, 👀, 🎲, 🤑, ⛄️, ✋, 🍻, 🙃, 🔥, 😫, 👅, 🙂, 👍, 🥇, 💨, ⚽️, 👻, 🖖, 🌚, ❗️, ♻️, 🏆, 🍑, 🤠, 😶, 💩, ✳️, 😯, 😭, 🧻, 🍀, 🍺, 🎹, 😀, 🚀, 💪, 💕, 🏴, 😱, 📣, 🙁, 🦠, 🍆, 🍾, 🙌, 💭, 📘, 😛, ☠, ❄️, ☺️, 🎁, 🤔, 🌿, 🏀, 🎩, 🤟, 🧠, 🥳, 🌱, 🖕, 🏳️, 🤝, 🎯, 💸, ✅, 🌈, ❤️, 🤎, 🖤, ✌️, 👑, 🤡, 🏴‍☠️, 📍, 🏈, 🌺, 😈, ✨, 😎.

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Stickers in the pack

Telegram sticker
Telegram sticker  smiley with hands, smile goat, emoji stickers, emoji, smiley fingers fan,
Telegram sticker  red balloon, bat ball, red ball, blinking balls, ball,
Telegram sticker  emoji, emoji, yellow smiley, smiley, emoji stickers,
Telegram sticker  power bank emoji ghost, emoji ghost, emoji ghost, emoji bringing, emoji stickers,
Telegram sticker  emoji persik, persian emoji aios, juicy persian, peach emoji, persian,
Telegram sticker  emoji sprout, homemade plant, stem of flower, stuble promice, plants,
Telegram sticker  yellow star, symbol star, ball star, star clipart, four pointed star,
Telegram sticker  heart, heart emoji, pink hearts, red heart, two hearts,
Telegram sticker  clown emoji, avatar emoji clown, clown emoji samsung, clown emoji, emoji clown,
Telegram sticker  emoji fear, emoji, emoji face, emoji, emoji android,
Telegram sticker  emoji hat, emoji smileik, emoji face, emoji cowboy, emoji,
Telegram sticker  emoji stickers, emoji, emoji emoticon, icon wow smiley, surprised smiley,
Telegram sticker  emoji android, emoji stickers, emoji emoticons, emoji, face with tongue smiley,
Telegram sticker  emoji stickers, emoji, bear with hearts in the eyes of emoji, love emoji, emoji,
Telegram sticker  emoji, smileik, emoji, smiley laughter, emodie smile,
Telegram sticker  emoji luna, luna emoji, black moon emoji, gray emoji, emoji stickers,
Telegram sticker  angry emoji, red smiley evil, evil smiley, evil smiley, red smiley sad,
Telegram sticker  emoji violet demon, emoji demon, emoji stickers, emoji, emoji devil,
Telegram sticker  cool emoji, emoji glasses round, emoji, smiley kaif,
Telegram sticker  emoji, emoji, smiley, emoji stickers, square smiles,
Telegram sticker  thoughtful emoticon, text, thinking emoji, emodie head, emoji,
Telegram sticker  emoji stickers, emoji, emoji, icon smiley, laughing smiley,
Telegram sticker  emoji biceps, emoji biceps, emoji biceps, emoji strength, hand emoji,
Telegram sticker  smile handshake, emoji handshake, handshake smileik, emoji handshake, handshake,
Telegram sticker  middle finger emoji, middle finger, emoji fak, emoji fak, emoji finger,
Telegram sticker  emoji palm, hand emoji, hand, emoji hand, yellow palms,
Telegram sticker  permanent latex gloves, commercial gloves, yellow gloves, emoji palms, gloves rubber,
Telegram sticker  smiley thumb up, smiley finger up, finger up, smile thumb up, emoji finger up,
Telegram sticker  smiley hand, finger emoji, emoji hand, palm waves, hand,
Telegram sticker  emoji, ball for rugby, emoji, ball american football vector, emoji american football,
Telegram sticker  basketball balls, ball, basketball, basketball ball, mini basketball,
Telegram sticker  beer mug, beer, telegram stickers, set of stickers, telegram sticker,
Telegram sticker  black flag, flag, black flag, black flag emoji, emoji black flag,
Telegram sticker  black heart, black heart, emoji black heart, black heart on a transparent background, heart,
Telegram sticker  gift, gift 3d, yellow gift box, gift box, smile gift,
Telegram sticker  money wave, brain, brain bezh, wave, brain 3d,
Telegram sticker  heart red, brown heart, small heart, brown heart of emoji, brown heart,
Telegram sticker  checkmark, white checkmark, green checkmark, emoji golochka, clip clipart,
Telegram sticker  telegram stickers, emoji, beer, emoji stickers, set of stickers,
Telegram sticker  emoji rice, minus one bowl rice, poke bowl icon, emoja, pig rice,
Telegram sticker  emoji darts, darts clipart, emodi steaks, michen clipart, michen darts,
Telegram sticker  emoji eggplant, emoji eggplant, eggplant clipart, eggplant icon 3d, eggplant drawing,
Telegram sticker  emoji's eyes, emoji eyes, smiley eye, emoji stickers, emoji apple,
Telegram sticker  eyes clipart, eyes round, round eyes for photoshop, eye smiley, emoji eyes,
Telegram sticker  playing bones, player d6, hexagonal cube, playing bone emoji, white cube,
Telegram sticker  pink flower, smiley flower, flowers on a transparent background, hawaiian flowers, flower sticker,
Telegram sticker  rupor, emoji megaphone, smiley with megaphone, funnel sales icon icon, icon bullhorn free,
Telegram sticker  set of stickers, emoji, telegram stickers, telegram, emoji,
Telegram sticker  emoji cup, smile cup, icon cup, winner cup, animated cup,
Telegram sticker  moai stone emoji, moai stone stickers, emoji moai island of easter, moai, maai stone,
Telegram sticker  emoji bag of money, bag of money, money, bag emoji, emoji,
Telegram sticker  emoji notes, emoji, emoji stickers, icon notes, stickers,
Telegram sticker  confetti emoji, emoji clap, confetti icon, emoji confetti, smiley chlor,
Telegram sticker  pirate flag emoji, pirate flag smiley, pirate flag small, emoji, pirate flag,
Telegram sticker  rainbow color, rainbow average, rainbow, pyramid rainbow, rainbow by flowers,
Telegram sticker  red heart, heart, heart big, heart, red heart,
Telegram sticker  rocket on a white background, cartoon missile, rocket, rocket emoji, stylized rocket,
Telegram sticker  toilet paper on a transparent background for photoshop, toilet paper, toilet paper 3d max, kimberly clark 8559 48902.01, tuale paper,
Telegram sticker  clover sheet, emoji drawing on a transparent background, emoji stickers, green clover, emoji,
Telegram sticker  emoji skull, skull emoji, emoji skeleton, emoji skull with bones, smile skull,
Telegram sticker  emoji skull, emoji skull, smiley skull, skull smileik iphone, emoji skull au kddi,
Telegram sticker  blue snowflakes, snowflake cold colors, snowflake symbol, snowflake icon, signs snowflake,
Telegram sticker  emoji snowman android, emoji snowman, snowman emoji iphone, the face of a snowman, snowman,
Telegram sticker  emoji medal, military medal emoji, emoji medal, smile medal, medal,
Telegram sticker  yellow star, stars, stars in mini, five pointed star, star star,
Telegram sticker  white clouds, 3d model cloud 3 d max, set of stickers, cloud white 0, air cloud transparent,
Telegram sticker  emoji language, emoji, pink emoticons, emoji, emoji emoticons,
Telegram sticker  emoji hat, emoji in the cylinder, hat cylinder, hat, hat on emoji as,
Telegram sticker  emoji, emoji, emoji stickers, smiley, smiley face,
Telegram sticker  emoji fluff, emoji wind, emoji smoke, emoji wind, emoji air,
Telegram sticker  emoji champagne, emoji bottle of champagne, emoji champagne, emoji champagne, icon bottle,
Telegram sticker  icon sheet, icon, style icon, vector icons, dark,
Telegram sticker  telegram stickers, asterisk sign, set of stickers, icon, rays without a background,
Telegram sticker  emoji smileik, smiling smiley, smiley, smiley funny, satisfied emoticon,
Telegram sticker  face vomiting emoji, smiley is sick, emoji stickers, emoticons emoji, emoji,
Telegram sticker  small smiley on a yellow background, yellow thoughtful emoticon, yellow emoticon, yellow emoticon 3d, smile without mouth,
Telegram sticker  kun emoji, emoji, smiley emoji, emoji stickers, emoji stickers,
Telegram sticker  emoji money, 3d smiley dollar, smiley dollar, cash smiley, money,
Telegram sticker  smiley with a smile, smiley sad, smiley sad, yellow smiley, sad smile,
Telegram sticker  emoji hands, emoji stickers, emoji two fingers, icon luck emoji, emoji,
Telegram sticker  blue square book, book blue, book closed blue, blue blue pr, book 3d icon,
Telegram sticker  emoji iphone crown, crown emoji, smiley from vk crown, emoji crown, the crown of the king,
Telegram sticker  exclamation sign, red exclamation mark, the exclamation mark of red emoji, the exclamation mark on the red background, exclamation sign on a white background,
Telegram sticker  fire emoji, emoji fire, icon fire, icon icon icon icon icon,
Telegram sticker  telegram sticker, emoji stickers, clover beech, emoji stickers, emodie drawing on a transparent background,
Telegram sticker  button on a white background, chancellery buttons, clipart button, chancellery button without a background, chancellery button emoji,
Telegram sticker  lgbt flag, rainbow flag, rainbow flag lgbt, lgbt flag emoji, rainbow flag emoji,
Telegram sticker  processing icon, symbol of processing, processing without a background, processing sign, waste processing,
Telegram sticker  chancellery button with emoji ball, emoji chancellery button, emoji button, emoji, pin pound emoji,
Telegram sticker  emoji snowman, emoji snowman android, snowmen, color snowman, the face of a snowman,
Telegram sticker  ball football, football balls, ball, football on a transparent background, anti stress football,
Telegram sticker  white flag, flag, flag icon, black flag emoji, white flag emoji,
Telegram sticker  star icon, sign of multiplication of asterisk, asterisk icon, asterisk sign, symbol of asterisk,

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